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Privacy Policy

Do we allow weapons, drugs, alcohol on trips?

Weapons, drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited on all GetOut Adventure trips.


What happens in case of Natural Event/Disaster?

In case of landslide and other natural hazards the tour leader (or the tour operator’s representative) will be deciding the plan of action keeping in mind the best interests of the group. If travellers are on a customised trip, they will be guided on the course of action by the guide on the trip or GetOut Adventure personnel that are in touch with the traveler.


What happens if there is a car break down during a trip?

In case of car breakdown on a customised trip, backup vehicle will be arranged in the shortest time possible. However while traveling in remote areas this may take some time and we will not be able to commit beforehand.

In case of joining a pre-existing tour with a vendor, it is the vendor’s responsibility to arrange for a back up vehicle or repair the vehicle in use in the shortest time frame possible.


What happens if there is a security incident while on a trip that is booked through GetOut Adventure?

GetOut Adventure bears no responsibility of ensuring security on trips. We act as an intermediary to facilitate bookings. As a preventive measure, GetOut Adventure vendors are vetted through a screening process that involves checking previous experience on organising safe and successful tours.


Do we provide security to our customers?

GetOut Adventure will provide security on customised trip upon customer’s request. Extra amount will be charged on the basis of number of security personnel. On operator trips booked through our website, GetOut Adventure does not hold responsibility of providing security to customers. We act as an intermediary to facilitate the booking and are not responsible for providing security..


Do we provide security to corporate customers?

GetOut Adventure will provide security corporate customers upon their request. Extra amount will be charged on the basis of the number of security personnel required. Any security measures taken by our partner vendors are based on their discretion and GetOut Adventure does not bear any responsibility for this.


What checks do we have in place as preventive measures for safety and security?

Knowing the travel landscape of Pakistan, we are aware of the safety and security situation and if any undue risk is foreseen then the travelers will be informed in advance or the trip will be cancelled. However, any unforeseen circumstances owing to political, religious or criminal activity will not be GetOut Adventure responsibility.


Do we share a list of hospitals in the region where the customer is going?

List of hospitals are appended below by region. This is by no means an exhaustive list of hospitals and is meant to serve as a guidance to our customers in case of an untoward incident.


If there is an injury of any nature while on any trip, what is the course of action?

In case of injury on a tour operator’s trip or a customised it is the responsibility of the operator to take necessary steps and take the injured traveller to the nearest medical facility. GetOut Adventure holds no responsibility and acts as an intermediary to facilitate bookings.


What are the checks on the drivers and hotels that we partner with in our customised tours?

We have a database of trusted drivers and hotels. Only GetOut Adventure trusted hotels and drivers are used in provision of services. Driver details are provided to travellers before departure of trip including CNIC details.


List of hospitals by region:

Gilgit Baltistan:

  1. Aga Khan Extended Family Health Centre, Gupis Tehsil Gupis, District Ghizer. Tel: 05815-55046
  2. Aga Khan Extended Family Health Centre, Aliabad Tehsil Aliabad, District Gilgit Tel: 05821-55273
  3. Aga Khan Medical Centre, Gilgit Aga Khan Medical Centre Gilgit, Tehsil Gilgit, District Gilgit, Komer Gilgit Tel: 05811-53824
  4. Aga Khan Medical Centre, Singal Aga Khan Medical Centre, Singal,  Tehsil Singal, District Ghizer Tel: 05814-58011
  5. CMH Gilgit
  6. DHQ Hospital



  1. DHQ Hospital Chitral
  2. THQ Hospital Garam Chashma
  3. Aga Khan Medical Centre
    Village Booni Tehsil Mastuj
    Distt:Chitral Tel: 0943-
  4. Aga Khan Extended Family
    Health Centre Shoghor
    Village Shoghore Tehsil
    Lotkoh Distt: Chitral
    Tel: 0943-304918
  5. Rural Health Center
    Village Shahgram Tehsil
    Torkhow Distt: Chitral
    Tel: 0943-476074



  1. Central Hospital
    Saidu Sharif Road, Mingora, Swat, Saidu Rd, Mingora
    (0946) 9240438
  2. Shifa Hospital
    Oppt Central Hospital
    Saidu Sharif Swat – KPK



  1. CMH, Muzaffarabad
    (0582) 2920451
    CMH rd, Muzaffarabad
  2. THQ Hospital, Neelam Valley
    Neelum Valley Road, Kel



  1. Civil Hospital, Thatta



  1. Tehsil Headquarter HOspital,
    Naran road, Balakot
  2. Hazara Diagnostic Center & Clinical Labortory
    Mohsin Market Kaghan Road Balakot, Naran Road, Balakot 21300
    0315 9407308



  1. Civil Hospital, Nathia Gali
    Nathia Gali-Abbottabad Rd, Sikandar Bagh, Nathia Gali, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa
  2. Combined Military Hospital, Jinnah Rd, Murree
  3. Aliya Nabeel Tabawi Hospital
    Khaqan Abbasi Rd, Rawat, Bhurban, Masoot 47150
    0300 5800818



  1. PN Hospital Darman Jah, Ormara
  2. GDA Hospital, Gwadar