Nathia Gali Beach Karachi

There are numerous attractive beaches in the Karachi city or outside Karachi main city. The popular beaches names are Hawke’s bay, Sands Pit, Cape Mound, Sumyani, French Beach, Gadani, Turtle beaches, Paradise Point and Nathiagali beach. These beaches are considered to be best for swimming or spending night in rented villa which is available there but advance booking is better before arrived. The Sea-view is also a beach but in the main Karachi city where mostly young boys and girls meet in daytime particularly. In the time of evening, you’ll mostly find families and in the time of midnight mostly are boys.

It is now time to hit these astonishing beaches, why not have nice Eid parties at the Nathiagali beach this time? That will be a complete new experience and think about the immense amount of fun you will have. Who does not love the Nathiagali beach? We all are addicted to the countless waves and the soft grainy sand. Well, the city of lights i.e. Karachi is home to some breathtaking, fun-filled beaches.

Nathiagali Beach is a naval base, the last point on the coastline of Karachi. Access to this beach is RESTRICTED. One can only go if you’ve senior ranked connection in the armed forces, and accompanied by your host. Your host will have to make a booking in advance through his or her unit. If you don’t have this host, you’ll not be permitted to enter the base. Many tourists and local visitors had visited this base along with our friend in the Navy.

It is a very drop-dead exclusive beach, untouched, and very clean. On one side is the Cape, the other the ocean. Slightly off the beaten path one can also visit the Cape Monze lighthouse. Along the way, you can see some very historical graves of Arabs generals who came to this place thousands of years ago. The highlight of this beach is a BBQ organized late in the time of evening, and enjoying the green phosphorus light up the dark and waves crashing on the shoreline.

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