This is the best time of the year to include some of the most beautiful waterfalls of Pakistan in your summer holiday itinerary. Most of Pakistanis visit Northern areas and enjoy hills and mountain views however it is high time to visit some of the popular Pakistani waterfalls as well. Pack your picnic bags and trekking shoes to explore the beauty of northern areas of Pakistan and waterfalls around.

1. Cham Waterfall, AJK

On your way towards the Chakothi sector of Azad Kashmir, you’ll come across this beautiful Cham waterfall

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2. Gulpur Waterfalls, Kotli, Azad Kashmir

These two interconnected waterfalls are located in the Kotli district of Azad Kashmir. You can view them both from a nearby hill.

3. Kutton Waterfall

Neelum Valley’s hallmark and a nearby picnic spot for the residents of Muzaffarabad, the Kutton waterfall is freezing cold, even during hot summers.

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4. Jarogo Waterfall

The Jarogo Waterfall is located 30 KMs away from Matta, Swat.

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5. Khadumi Waterfall, Soon Valley

As this is a seasonal waterfall so the Ideal time is during rainy season (mon son). But if u still wanna go there, check out the weather forecast of sodhi jaiwali on AccuWeather. If there’s rain, than u will definitely see waterfall running. Khadumi is a rare beauty; untouched, silent and off the tourist trail. It is located near Nurshingh Phuwar.

6. Menthoka Water Fall – Skardu

Another astounding waterfall in Skardu is Manthoka. We dare you to place your hand in the freezing cold water for over a minute! It’s that cold.

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7. Moola Waterfall, Khuzdar, Balochistan

The Moola Chuttok Waterfall is in a league of its own. It’s situated 10 KM from Khuzdar city in Balochistan.

8. Neel Wahn Waterfall, Chakwal

Located in the Kallar Kahar area, the Neel Wahn waterfall deserves more than a look.

9. Sajikot Waterfall, Havelian, KPK

10. Shingrai Waterfall, Swat

11. Kanhati Waterfall

Soon Valley is one of the most underrated valleys of Pakistan. It is particularly famous for the Kanhati waterfall.

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