During my teenage days, I always wanted to travel and visit the northern areas of Pakistan. Now since last many years, I am fulfilling my teenage dreams, and I have been traveling through out Pakistan. But still, the best memories I cherish are from northern areas of Pakistan. Some of the finest adventures that I did include mountain trekking.

Being amateur trekker, I have enjoyed many walking trails in Pakistan. Getting out of comfort zones is the most significant thing that we learn from trekking and doing the things that we always dream of, or wish to do while we see others doing it. I would love to share with you some of the other best things I learned from mountain trekking.

1) Slow Down

Hiking teaches you to slow down, observe the world around you and to listen to your body. When your feet can no longer trudge the path ahead, you learn the power of slowing down and gain a new appreciation for admitting that not everything will go your way when you want it to.

2) Perseverance Pays

Life is like a long hiking trail in various ways. Far too often, we give up on our hopes and dreams easily, overcome by dejection or disappointment. That crazy dream of yours that no one else believes in can come true if you just persevere and keep walking toward it.

3) Nothing Meaningful is Easy

Just like in life, the money you got from your parents are less meaningful than the money you earned by working tirelessly everyday. The harder you try, the greater the reward. Continue pushing yourself to reach the top and finally when you do, savoir the splendid views that only few get to see.

4) Nature is Powerful

If you’re suffering from an inflated ego or far too much vanity in your life, take a long hike. Nature is a raw force, unfettered and unforgiving, that can take your breath away with the magnificence of a landscape or bring you to your knees with the ruthlessness of a freak storm. In the mountains, where the weather changes without warning and the vistas of river valleys get more rewarding the higher you get, a hike is a thorough lesson in humility and respect for nature.

5) Home is a Feeling

Hikers are most at home on the trail and in the tranquil refuge of the woods, moving toward the next viewpoint, river crossing or village. The feeling of home comes from the ability to be themselves: focused, attentive, content and completely alive in the moment. This kind of contentment is what defines home.

6) Its Worth it

You’ll never get to see the awe-inspiring view from the top if you don’t walk the many difficult miles to get there. This includes taking the wrong turn, running out of water, sleeping under the stars or pushing past your fear of heights. We might not always make the best decisions, and things won’t always go as we plan, but in the end, it’s all worth it. If it doesn’t feel like that, it probably isn’t the end.

7) Move Forward

In order to grow as a person, you have to move forward regardless of the speed. Going backward is impossible in life and staying still means you are spending your life doing nothing. While trekking, you can’t just stay still unless you want wild animals to devour you as it gets darker and darker every hour. Even if you move slow, you are way closer to the destination than standing still. The key is to move forward.


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