Moola Chotok is a ravine hidden in the vast landscape of Baluchistan. This place denies the common traditional thinking about Baluchistan and confirms that Baluchistan is a land enclosing marvellous wonders of nature which are waiting to be unleashed, discovered and cherished. Pakistan has a high aptitude for tourism. Moola Chotok is such a memorable place that no one can deny its charm. It is heavenly, breathtaking and captivating. From its running waters to joyous landscape and serene atmosphere, this place has a lot to offer to the world. Weather and climate conditions serve as a hindrance in relishing the exquisite beauty of the astounding place; however, suitable measures can be taken to combat the extreme weather conditions. It is not indifferent to call it as the pearl of Baluchistan as it houses some of the biggest waterfalls of the province. In Moola Chotok one finds along with cascading waterfalls, deep blue pools and magnificent fish swirling in clear sparkly water.

Where is Moola Chotok located?

One can say it lies in the middle of nowhere, indeed it is a gem buried deep in the wilderness of Baluchistan. At a distance of about 80 km from Khuzdar lies this hidden ravine deep in the heart of Baluchistan. Near the small village of Moola, Moola Chotok is heaven for adventure seekers. It is situated in the northeast of Khuzdar. Moola Chotok lies at an altitude of 1237 meters. Gushing waters of hot springs are a sight to see and admire. The running river of Moola makes its way through the valley and flows all around the year.

Moola Chotok Trip Attractions

  • Entrancing Waterfalls

One doesn’t come across such magnificent water bodies all over the country except in Moola Chotok. Water running steadily through mountains, making its course through rocks and stones, waterfalls at Moola Chotok are exemplary. Chotok waterfalls lie between two steeping mountains in Tehsil Moola of District Khuzdar.

  • Magnificent Streams

Dipping in refreshing water is what everyone desires especially in the hot summers. Moola Chotok gives its visitors beautiful clean fresh sparkly waters to have a dip which won’t only refresh them but will wash away all their worries with them. These cool ponds and streams provide joy to the visitors and are not less than a blessing in the heat of Baluchistan.

  • Jeep Rides to Moola Chotok

Tourists are given especial facility of jeep riding through the uneven terrain of the land. It is particularly amazing for those who love adventure, hiking, safaris, and thrilling action. This action-packed activity is filled with a journey over the rocky land which gives an adrenaline rush to all. This attraction is specific for those who are restless spirits and need the adventure to keep them satisfied.

  • Isolated Beauty of Moola Chotok

A crucial feature of this amazing place is the serene, calm and peaceful environment of Moola Chotok. This place is away from the hustle and bustle of city life and the air is pure, free of smoke and dust. The place is filled with the refreshing scent of natural vegetation. The absence of noise and pollution of all forms makes this place just like heaven. A nearby village is at a distance of 2 km from Chotok waterfalls. However, tourists and a few local people are all the population there.

  • Mouth-Watering Meals

People visiting the place get a chance to taste traditional food as well as savoury dishes which look mouth watering and are a treat for the taste buds. Mostly tourists have their food with themselves but occasionally they also get to enjoy local ethnic dishes which they have never tasted before.

  • Bonfire with all its fun

What a person can ask for more than sitting around a bonfire with friends and family and enjoying scary ghost stories, fun games, and light music.  This is an activity worth having much more than usual and enjoying the company of loved ones in such an amazing atmosphere.

  • Camping under the open sky

At Moola Chotok tourists get an opportunity to camp under the open sky and enjoy viewing the beautiful dawn and exquisite sunset. Feeling the breeze flow and the birds chirp with the rhythm of falling water is so amazing that nothing matches its charm

  • Mesmerizing Night Sky

Those who love nature seldom find anything as mesmerizing as the starry night sky. Viewing galaxies and constellations in the open with a bright or new moon and enjoying the coolness of open space is a dream come true for many.

  • Trekking for Adventure Lovers

People who are fond of trekking greatly enjoy doing this activity in the spectacular areas of Moola Chotok. In the tall cliffs to Chotok, they find good exercise and the challenges which all the trekkers wish for.

  • The local Culture and Beauty

The factor which makes this place unique is the culture of local people and the beauty along with the simplicity of their living. Baloch are valiant and simple people who have their own culture, folklore and ethnic beauty. They portray a culture distinct from other cultures and are very hospitable.

  • Lush green landscape and Sky-high Cliffs

Unlike the common perception, Baluchistan is a land of great beauty. There are many oases, beaches, coasts, and many other spectacular sights. At Moola Chotok one finds refreshing greenery and cascading waterfalls making their way through rocky heights. There are tall green palm trees which bear fruit every season and look entrancing with blue ponds and magical rocks. Moola River flows through the area all year round.

  • Astounding Beauty of Fish

It is not a wonder that if a person adores marine life, he or she must visit Moola Chotok where abundant fish are found swirling in the clear waters of streams and springs. Not only are they abundant in number but there are present many kinds of fish waiting to be discovered.

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