The lush green and historic Swat Valley. In the Malakand Division lies between 34’40’ to 35′ N latitude and 72′ to 740-3 E longitude and is part of the Provincially Administrated Tribal Area (PATA) of the Khyber Pukhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. The magnificent Swat Valley popularly known as the Switzerland of Pakistan. Surrounded by majestic mountains, Swat Valley is ful of roaring rivers. lush green forests and snow-covered peaks adding to its natural attraction. “Upper. and ” Lower ” Swat are terms in vogue based on the arbitrary demarcation of higher and lower regions In the valley by Swat River. Green fruit orchards beautiful lakes, gushing streams and a fascinating landscape make it a place worth seeing.

Swat is known as the Switzerland of Pakistan. The river Swat is a clear water river starting from the Ushu rage of mountains to the spread of the valley of Swat. It is on of the most green valleys of the Northern Pakistan and is well connected to the rest of Pakistan. There are regular flights from Islamabad to Swat and back. One can also get here either from Peshawar (160 KMs) or Islamabad.(250 KMs) The valley of Swat is located in the middle of foothills of Hindukush mountain range. The main town of the valley is Mingora and Saidu Sharief.

Here are top places to visit in Swat:

  • Kalam Valley
  • Kumrat Valley
  • Madyan
  • Bahrain
  • Marghazar
  • Saidu Sharif
  • Mahodand Lake
  • Malam Jabba
  • Fizaghat
  • Kundol Lake

Hotels In Swat

There are many hotels in different towns of the valley.

  • Swat Serena Hotel
  • Swat Continental Hotel
  • PTDC Malam Jabba Ski Resort
  • PTDC Motel Miandam
  • PTDC Motel Saidu Sharief 
  • Rockcity Resort Swat
  • PTDC Motel (Saidu)
  • Hotel White Palace (Marghazar)
  • Grace Hotel (Madyan)
  • PTDC Motel (Kalam)

Transfers to & From Swat Valley

Islamabad or Peshawar to Swat 
250 KMs 5- 6 Hours. Drive in the morning from Islamabad stop at the confluence of Kabul & Indus rivers later continue to Swat via Charsadha, stop at different village bazaars and pass the Malakand pass. One can have Lunch at a local restaurant on the way. After Malakand pass you enter the valley of Swat. View the Churchill’s picket and Shingardar Stupa on the way. Takht e Bhai most well preserved Buddhist monastery is on the way before Malakand pass time permitting can visit this archeological site too. (This will make the trip about 7- 8 Hours )

Swat – Besham
110 KMs 3 Hours. Leave Saidu Sharief via the upper Swat road at Khwaza khela we will take a right turn to the Shangla pass (7000 Ft) Road is lush green with numerous kinds of flora and pine trees. Have a local Pakistan tea at the pass and continue to Besham . Besham is the first main town as you come from Swat on the Karakorum Highway.


Half day Saidu Sharief
Visit the Swat museum, Butkara archeological site ( Where there are 215 Votive stupas and one main Stupa from 2nd century BC – 5th Century AD ) Also have a detailed walk in Mingora bazaar and shop some of the best shawls and handicrafts of the region.

Half Day Archeological Sites
Visit Butkara1 Butkara 2 , Udegaram , and Shingardar Stupa all sites of the Kushans Period. Later a detailed lecture in Swat museum on the chronology of Swat.

Full Day upper Swat valley.
Drive upto Kalam visit the bazaars of Madyan & Bahrain. At Kalam have a short walk in the hills. Late Afternoon return to Saidu.

Full day walk Kalam to Ushu
A dream of a hiker. Great scenic walk through the green mountains to the glacier of Ushu have picnic on the way return to Kalam coach or walk back.

Full day Malam Jaba & Miandam 
Visit these magnificent points above 7000 ft. Have a stroll in the villages and enjoy the green scenery.Evening visit Marghazar White palace Hotel .

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