Khaplu is a very beautiful and scenic place in Gilgit Baltistan, Northern areas of Pakistan. Khaplu has many picnic spots and tourist points. Khaplu is also rich in cultural places and spots as well. If you are planning a visit this summer in Gilgit Baltistan, you must not miss an adventurous tour to Khaplu district of Gilgit Baltistan. Khaplu is famous for its cultural beauty, natural feel, and diverse tradition.

When to Visit

You can visit Khaplu valley in fall, summer, winter and spring season. But best season to visit Khaplu is summer, spring and fall. The romantic view of fall season in Khaplu can’t be imagined when colors of all tress changed into red, brown and yellow. The romantic autumn season can be enjoyed fully in Khaplu valley. Similarly during spring blossom apricot, almond, apple and cherry trees bloom. The romantic spring season has its own feelings and views which cannot be expressed in words. The summer season has its own beauty when whole valley looks like a paradise.

Where to Stay

There are many hotels and guest houses to stay in Khaplu valley. These are the famous hotels in Khaplu: PTDC Khaplu motel, Karakoram lodge, PWD Guest house Khaplu, Guest house Hushe and Sereena Khaplu Fort. Sereena Khaplu fort provides local dishes. You can taste some local Balti dishes. Khaplu fort once the residence of royals now restored by Agha Khan Foundation and converted into Sereena heritage hotel.

Places To Visit in Khaplu Valley

Bridge Khaplu to Sailing

The featured bridge in Drama Diyar e Dill

Nothing is more exciting than experiencing a sunset

A beautiful Sunset at Ghuwari Khaplu Baltistan

Adventure is when you cross a suspension bridge at Khaplu Valley.

Keris Bridge Khaplu Gilgit Baltistan

Come close and feel the Nature this autumn season at Khaplu

Autumn Love Khaplu Gilgit Baltistan

Autumn Beauty of Sailing Khaplu Gilgit Baltistan

On the way to Sailing Khaplu Gilgit Baltistan

The Tranquility of water will wash out all your anxieties

Sogha near Khaplu valley Gilgit Baltistan

The Fort of Khaplu. Feel like a Raja here.

The Khaplu Fort Gilgit Baltistan

The spring blossom in Khaplu is mesmerizing

Spring at Yogu valley Khaplu Gilgit Baltistan

You will never feel the taste of autumn like in Khaplu Valley

Autumn Season beauty of Ghuwari Khaplu Gilgit Baltistan

Enjoy Spring blossom here in Khaplu.

Spring Beauty of Khaplu Gilgit Baltistan

Adventure on the way to Khaplu.

Road Way to Khaplu Gilgit Baltistan

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